So You Call Yourself A Leader? By OBA

Lead, Leader, Leading, Leadership.

These are great words and concepts that we are all familiar with and are involved with, one way or another. Every man on the face of the earth is in one leadership capacity or another. Whether its from the angle of the world largest corporations and Conglomerate, right down to the smallest unit -home front.

John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell

I have been blessed over the years by the wisdom and the expertise of the world foremost expert on Leadership- John Maxwell, he will always say that everything rises and falls on Leadership. So many books have been written on the subject of Leadership,I don’t intend to write one (at least not now anyway) I just want to focus on an aspect of this vast topic.

You’ll will agree with me,that no one can really do total justice to the subject, it will always be a matter of “Revelation per time”, a gradual unfolding!
Leadership is not a child’s play. it is a special call to walk in the path the Master walked, and it is important to understand that as Men and Women ordained and chosen by God in one capacity or another, we are all subjects to all kinds of human limitations and errors. When you get into Leadership level for the wrong reasons, that’s when those limitations and errors become much more pronounced and when they are not dealt with, leads to obvious catastrophe. We can see this evident and prevalent in our polity and economy today.

One major essentials of Leadership that I want us to look at, is TRAINING- “You are better equipped as a leader,when you are trained”. The place of training is very vital to Leadership. Many leaders have failed and majority are failing today because they are not properly trained, have not been patient enough to be trained for the assignment they are in, and the office they occupy. AN UNTRAINED LEADER IS A DANGEROUS LEADER. You need not look too far!

Training involving every aspect of Life- it is a holistic package and every potential leader must be ready to go through, It is not always comfortable but in the end it pays off, because when you see a trained Leader, the outstanding result is obvious.

What is Training? What does it mean to be trained? Collins English Dictionary defines Training as the Process of bringing a person,etc to an agreed standard of Proficiency. Note the Keywords: Process and Proficiency. Training is a process which takes time. No true Leader, ever became an overnight success!

In undergoing the necessary training needed for Leadership,it is important to know that it is not a one-off thing, it is a “Process”, which encompasses the totality of the Person. In other words a series of action is taking place to produce Change and development which in turn makes such person skilled,or having the ability to produce the desired result needed.

Training is not just for Positional Leadership that we get to see all around us, that’s why some of our Leaders are “Private failures,Public Successes” or worse still, Private and Public failures, we have those who have proven to be great Successes within and without. These are tested and proven individuals who are true Leaders indeed. Whether you have 10 or 10 million people who look up to you for guidance in any way,that my friend put you in a place of Leadership.

There are series of processes, trainings that a leader must go through to be qualified as a true Leader-

* Spiritual training,(qualifies those who accept it for empowerment for God’s work),
* Physical training
* Mental Training
* Emotional training( learning how to handle emotions and maintain balance in diverse area),
* Financial training (accountability in handling money etc).
Relational Training( How to handle relationships, build people etc). The list goes on and on.

In my field as a professional Musician, I have found out that its not just enough to have a voice like the Nightingale, or your audience mesmerism, and dexterity but much more than, Character matters most, like the saying goes “Charisma without Character is Catastrophe”, Especially in this field of profession like any other, Character is key to the sustenance of whatever grace you may possess, and that don’t come overnight, you work at it. The elements of training includes
1. Listening
2. Focus
3. Humility
4. Patience
5. Dedication
6. Consistency
7. Sacrifice

How many of these Elements do you have as a Leader? How consistent are you in sharpening those skills and traits deposits in you? Are you willing to undergo the necessary training required for you to harness your next Level? Are you patient enough to enter into maturity,full blossoming, or you want to be “half-baked”product?
These are few questions that you must be willing to answer…

“Lo, I beat my body and put it under(training) that after I have preached the gospel(walk the walk,talk the talk) I myself will not be a cast-away(failure)” Apostle Paul. Emphasis mine


OBA is a Woman of many parts, a Worship leader/ Recording artiste
The host of “AneveningwithOBA&friends,a monthly Lounging with jazz/Soulful music in a family friendly ambience glorifying Christ. Author,and Speaker.
You can reach her booking and speaking engagement:
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‘Tayo Ojo


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