Beautiful Habits That Will Change Your Life

Most people can endure and suffer for certain things except for one- their state of personal PEACE!  I personally like being alone (because I want to control every variables and outcomes around me). I love calmness and being quiet). I detest being with people that love competition, strife, blah blah blah.inspire-habit-tayojo

To sustain my peace, no worries about my mind, physiology, psychology, I found out I can do certain things daily to ensure my peace-mode intact and stay fit, energized for the day’s work and get enthused with Life. And of-course I have stumbles on write-ups confirming the same.

Laugh Daily: I do this everyday. You should too. At least it takes little effort. I laugh at people (indirectly though). I laugh at funny display pictures on BBM (I think I should share some of them), Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. I also laugh at myself especially after a dumb action.

“Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have, to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.” -Paul E. McGhee, Ph.D

Read Daily: I usually feel my intellectual composition dwindles on days I don’t pick a book (by Malcolm Gladwell or a novel by Chimamanda Adiche) to read. And if you are somewhat religious, translations of the bible or whatever religious book you read will do. It does something particular to your thought compostion.

Talk With People Daily: Like you or unlike you ( depending on whatever temperament you are), I am naturally quiet. But when some stranger or the next person to me in the pub bus talks to me on something interesting (and if he or she is ‘attractive’) I’M IN! Hahaha! Because I have found out that talking with like-mind people can increase your energy and enthusiasm for each day. Talk, not quarrel or fight. Discuss. Argue. Don’t attack personalities, attack opinions. You will get better at speaking, using the right body languages, tone level and so on.

Exercise Daily: In Africa, Nigeria precisely, every average person aims at one thing- that’s MONEY! As a result, nobody cares about their health, not to talk of getting some exercise. Unpopular to many, you can walk (instead of jumping on a bike) from the bus-stop on your way home. Or if you are mobile, taking the staircase daily (probably during breaks or whatever time befits you) wouldn’t be a bad idea. Whichever way, find something to do that will almost take your breath out (well not literally)! Play pranks. Do some press-ups, push-ups (start with 5), sit-ups ain’t bad, take a 50 cl Cup of clean water first thing in the morning. Just do Something!


Here are few things I have included in my routine and I am enjoying my PEACE and myself. And of-course I usually miss out once in a while, but I would get back on it the next day.

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