You Should Know This About Yourself

I will be touched when someone I meet can’t tell what temperament he or she is. Not temperamental: (of a person) liable to unreasonable changes of mood.

“Temperament is a person’s or animal’s nature, especially as it permanently affects their behaviour.”

I don’t think anyone should be clueless especially in this time of flowing-in-the-air information; information doubles every 11 seconds.

do you know why you act the way you do temperament tayojo

You should be aware of your natural qualities, your make-up, your composition. This way, there will be clarity in your relationships.

Just like I shared with a friend recently, the entire Seven billion people in the world are categorized into two: Introverts and extroverts; quiet and outspoken; energetic and conservative and it goes on.

“It’s amazing that sometimes we don’t know ourselves enough. Self-awareness is like a journey”

Take this simple test and know your temperament. Click here. If you don’t answer honestly, you won’t get a correct result.



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I do like you a lot, simply because you like to be inspired by Tayo. XOXO


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