What’s Your Plan?

This is a crucial review you should read, if you want this second half of the year to be productive for you. The aroma of Christmas is just a distance away.

 Look straight ahead; don’t even turn your head to look. Watch your step. Stick to the path and be safe.*

A research about Harvard graduating students some many years ago, reveals that graduates who wrote down what they wanted to do (and acted on it) after school, earned ten times what the others who did wrote down but didn’t act and those who didn’t have a plan AT ALL. This won’t make much sense unless you translate this into money figures.

Its okay to have good intentions, but it’s not enough to create what you want out of life. Writing down your plans and staying focus on it makes a big difference in our lives.

what is your plan by akintola samuel

what is your plan

Nothing just happens, not even accidents. Only negative things happen just like weeds. If you want good things, you have got to make plans to get them. Actions give life to your plans. Boredom is a proof of no exciting plans. Plans are results of decisions you are making right now. And decisions are actions based on a resolve to alter the events of your life.

We learnt on Sunday these powerful insights about Making Plans.

  • There must be CLARITY in your Plans

Your plans must have certain details: date to achieve, deadlines and guidelines.

  • You must WRITE down your Plans

There is an invisible power that goes to work when you right down your plans.

  • PRAY over and about your Plans

If your plans are really big, you need God’s help and his orchestrations to make it happen. the gateway complete woman 2017

  • SHARE Your Plans

It’s okay to share your plans with friends that you truly trust and have your best interest at heart.

  • BELIEVE in your Plans

You can’t possibly want something you don’t agree or believe in. You cannot overrate the power of believing in your plans.

*Proverbs 4 : 25 – 26 ( T L B )


What’s Your Plan was taught at THE GATEWAY’s Sunday Service by Pastor Akintola Samuel. You can connect with him on twitter and other social platforms.

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