Homosexuality, Nature or Learnt?

It’s a common idea amongst liberals to think we are born with our sexual orientation-Straight, Gay or otherwise. It’s by far the most lengthy experiment been carried out about sexuality, and up until now, there hasn’t been any straight-forward clear-cut answer to the question. Are we born with our sexual orientation, or did we learn it after birth?

On www.debate.org, it’s presently 50-50, as the same number of persons are both for and against. The answer to this question is important because it helps to kick start a process of ascertaining the rightness or wrongness of such sexual orientation as homosexuality. This is a delicate topic that has caused a lot of uproar in the world today. On the 26th of June, this year, the Supreme Court of the United States of America passed a bill to allow same-sex marriage in all 50 states of the federation. This doesn’t go down too well with many, as some argue that it’s against the plan of God. If people are born with it, how can it be against God’s plan? If they weren’t born with it, but decided to make the choice, could it be the wrong choice, and why?

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The homosexuality issue is one of the longest debated issue in the world. Is it nature or learnt?

My stand is clear and It’s all from what I have learnt from my creed as a Christian, but I wouldn’t be irrational about it. It must be known that I am not a pro-gay, but I do not also go against the very fundamental rights of every human. The right to walk the streets without fear. The right to buy anything at a grocery store. The right to say what they think about anything of importance and the likes. However, as matter of spiritual concern, I strongly wish everyone would observe to follow the guidelines of the one who created us all…or perhaps I am also wrong (Which isn’t the case I’m afraid).

Perhaps I have been deceived too and homosexuality is not such a bad thing (Although I’m sure it is). What do you think, and why?

Is homosexuality good or bad? Were we born with our sexual orientation or did we learn it after birth?


Written by Samuel Oluwaseun


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