I’m in Love. If they know, It doesn’t matter – Until they know

I am not an expert at Romance or Relationships as it is, oh I can’t be more right. I can’t even bear to put my s*** together to establish myself as the befitting boyfriend to a girl I currently admire – Too many things going on in my head for now, right now.

However, I am an expert at opinions. Actually, we all are. Feel free to express yours at the end of this post, and I would be so pleased.

I was on Facebook recently as usual and came across a post where a girlfriend I know shows off her boyfriend. She’d go on to do this at every available opportunity to use Facebook. It felt adorable.

All the pictures together, and kisses, like I infatuate about sometimes, except in my case, I won’t put it on Facebook or Instagram or Google+ or Blackberry Messenger or any other social media platforms for simple reasons. The same reasons that form the basis of this post. love and facebook

  • It makes the breakup, which is a possibility more unbearable.

Now, I am not for breakups and all, and in fact, I strongly believe that whenever in a Romantic relationship, both parties should do all in the best interest of the relationship, to keep it healthy and lasting until the day of marriage if feasible. Why else would you start a relationship if you aren’t looking at the possibility of marriage later on?

That is a topic for another day. We don’t pray for a breakup but it happens. You should not put yourself in a situation of no return, no matter how excited you are about the relationship.

Marriage is the sacred thing, at least in my part of the world, and one must not rush into it. The very values that hold true and advisable in marriage are not same for the relationship that leads to it.

The relationship is a preparation and a time to decide what your marriage would look like. Now in that relationship, I must shock you. Even if you can bet on your level of commitment in your relationships, you can never bet on your partner’s.

As much as you would love to, you simply can’t and it’s even more complicated than that. Now to the truth, when you have spent so much time publicizing your partner, and a breakup happens here is what happens.

A few thoughts go through your head and here are a few examples, how would I live ? what would people say? – All those people? Much less would have been better.

The more the numbers, the higher the probability that they would remind you about the breakup directly or indirectly. You might get past it, but it would be more difficult for you. Better safe than sorry. In the end, there is only so much we don’t know. i am in love tayojo

  • Not everyone is a friend.

On Facebook for example, everyone on your list is first a friend or at least that is what the button says, but that is not how life works. In life, we have family, friend, acquaintances, neighbors, passers-by and enemies. I needn’t tell you that you are more likely to get surrounded by selfish individuals than selfless ones. When people are selfish, it is only a matter of time before they act like witches J You would be living in Disney land if you think this were false.

It’s not even about what you think, but somehow you have those people that won’t wish you well. Now, here’s my candid opinion here. You really shouldn’t worry too much about these such people, but they are worth considering.

When you expose your relationships carelessly, and this is more understandable in my continent I’m sure – Africa, you set yourself up for trouble. What I am saying is, not everyone needs to know about your relationship.

You might not hide it, but you shouldn’t scream about it either. I just have an itch about the whole publicity thing. Some persons are just set out to attack your glory. The less they know about you the better, and you can’t always say who’s who. Besides, this world is more evil than good. Tread carefully. social media chats

  • I simply don’t like it.

Lastly, and this one is personal. I simply don’t like it. It’s against my person. You needn’t worry at all about this one…but perhaps if you are like me, you would steer clear of unnecessary publicity.

If you weigh the pros and cons, I think the cons outweigh the pros. This doesn’t necessarily say that you can’t have a lovely relationship even in all of these. By stats, you still can but the fact remains that, unnecessary publicizing of anything at all jeopardizes it in a way…and that is true of relationships too, Romantic relationships. Mmuueee!!!

Written by Samuel Oluwaseun

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