Dear Singles, let me clear your misconceptions.

Make lots of it. Try as much as possible not to have one source of income. Marriage is a money zapping venture, you will be surprised. Don’t say your Relationship coach didn’t tell you o (I just did).

Especially for those who are abstaining. It’s not what you think o. Sex is not food but for some men, I hear it’s Banga soup. You may feel like it and she doesn’t feel like it. That shouldn’t make you cheat. Learn how to abstain now, it will help you in marriage. Lastly, go and learn about sex, na serious work o. I don talk my own. It’s causing serious issues in marriages. Wait, I didn’t say go and start doing the thing now o.


Learn how to hangout as a single person because when you marry, hanging out may turn to mirage. If you don’t have friends (I don’t mean Facebook friends by the way), your partner should be weary of you o. If you don’t have friends as a single, you will be lonely/alone in marriage.

Let me tell you the truth now, you don’t know what is called love. All these meat pie love na lie o. Will you love her, at times when all she does makes you feel like giving her a reconnection slap? You better learn to put your hand in your pocket. Can you love him when the odour from his breath can kill all living organisms? Let me not give some other discouraging examples before you think I’m scaring you.

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All I’m saying is simple, marriage is not a joke. I don’t want to hear that your marriage is associated with domestic violence, infidelity, disregard for each other, garri drinking, and debased stories. Get a relationship coach today, learn all you need to avoid nonsense in marriage. Become an asset to your partner and build a home that will become an example to many. My dear, stop trivialising your relationship.

You know I care about your relationship.

Written by Gabriel Olatunji-Legend
Check him out on Twitter, Facebook or his blog.

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