How To Properly Respond To Pressure

You are an individual. So am I. We are different from every other person. Your life is personal and no one will live it.

What you can take, your friend might not take. My likes are not your likes. Your life, my life, his life, her life… completely varies.

In this journey called life, people will interrupt you. Consciously or unconsciously they would put a pin on your peace, make demands and take advantage of you at some point.

When it comes to you, I believe you would do anything to be in charge and be ahead of any kind of stress, disagreements, strife, hassles or anything that can make you stucked.

We are known for our differences, not our similarities


Then you should try out this one trick, or two.

The wisdom and ability to say “No” will determine to a large extent how you stay in charge. The idea that you are mean or wicked to say NO cannot be an excuse. Your life is more important than any other’s. Say No when necessary.


It is important to know all of life options presented to you and make a decision to go for the best, you would have to put yourself first- deliberately.

(A friend of mine believes you should give yourself a good body spa for instance before you decide to take someone else “out” with you.) That connotes you love yourself first before you love another.

Another escape trick to being ahead of “demanders” is to ask WHY. I can assure you, your stress level and error rate will drastically reduce.

Of course, you don’t ask me why with a squeezed face or with some rude attitude. Ask politely, not necessarily with a smile and definitely not with a frown.

Always think of the objectives. Any request made on should be met with a curiosity to know the game plan. You can’t possibly go with the flow every time (you ain’t Queens of the Stone Age).

Asking Why or Saying No first, are two important reaponses common with great guys.

Why should I go to college?
Why should I go for that party?
Why should I get that job?
Why should we be friends? (Ladies will like this more)
Why should I get married?
Why should we do business?

To every proposal or demand, your peace and safety depend on how your opponent answers your “WHY” question. What comes after gives you a pass or clue on how to take the next step in your life.

You can’t afford to deceive yourself all the way and play the rat race like every other person.


PS: Should you say NO first or before you ask WHY. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “How To Properly Respond To Pressure

  1. Nice write up, it is advisable to question a particular thing by asking why , if you do not understand and also saying no when not comfortable with a particular thing or don’t even feel like doing it .


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