How To Know Your Target Audience On Social Media

know your target audience tayo ojo show

Do you want more increase in sales or you are just getting started in business online?

This will really help you; You need to recognize the set of people looking for you online so you can channel all your marketing force on them.

These are your target audience.

Your target audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin and other platforms.


First, you can find out your audience categories with analytics features on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

For starters: Open a facebook business page and Instagram business page.

Secondly, you can also carry out short surveys or questionnaires with your customers. Find out their age bracket, income level, common qualities or values, location, and how they heard about you.

On a third note, you can now reach the right categories with Facebook ads and Instagram ads and get them to buy from you.

However, there is a way to do that intelligently so you don’t have people from the US or outside your city making an order.

You can get the practical tools at social media training. Here is one happening soon. Register by clicking HERE to get a seat.

social media masterclass with tayo ojo lagos nigeria 2


See more videos on Social Media Insights.


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